Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today's Lunch Special: Patience

A week ago I was sick and had lost my appetite for a couple days. I finally got to the point where I was getting hungry again and I was craving a strawberry banana shake. I didn't want one of those syrup based frozen treats like a McDonalds shake or a Wendy's Frosty so I decided to go to Iceberg Drive Inn since  they are known for their home made shakes.

I was wearing slippers and looked like I could fit in on the people of Walmart website, so I decided to go through the drive through instead of ordering in the lobby. I was in line for about 5 minutes when the car in front of me got tired of waiting and pulled out and drove off. Five more minutes passed and then an employee finally came out and said their speaker system was broken and we would just need to order at the pickup window. I waited 10 more minutes after that until I got to the window and was able to get a shake.

I was ready to drive off after 10 minutes but I was already frustrated with how long it was taking and was curious to know how much longer I could possibly wait. It ended up being 20 minutes total from when I got there with only 4 cars in front of me.

The shake was better than most fast food shakes, but I'm afraid the time spent waiting for it put a damper on my dining experience. I'm not going to bash this business since I don't know all the details of why things were so slow that day, but anytime you have to wait 20 minutes in a drive through for one item, something is wrong.

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