Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Runners Corner

Runners Corner is one of the premier stores for runners in Utah. They offer running shoes, trail shoes, all kinds of accessories, and classes. They are the best at what they do.

When I first started dabbling with 5K races about 12 years ago, I was still wearing my high top basketball shoes and didn't know much about running or appropriate apparel. There is obviously more to the sport than having the right shoes, but having the proper equipment makes a big difference in your performance. I've since run two marathons, but I'm still just a poser when it come to running, so I rely on experts to answer my questions.

The thing I like most about Runners Corner is that the owners, managers, and employees are experienced runners and are not only very knowledgeable, but are also passionate about teaching people. Their staff consists of serious runners who know what they are talking about. Hawk Harper is the owner and can boast running a double marathon in 6 hours and 8 minutes! I've been blown away at the customer service they offer and the time they take to help you get the pair of shoes that are right for you.

They recently moved to a new location at 835 South 700 E in Orem just east of Costco. When you drive by, you may see people trying out shoes running in front of the building or on their mini-track located inside the store.

If you are a serious runner, a beginner, or just want to get a new pair of comfortable shoes, then I recommend that you stop by Runners Corner and check them out. They are also a great resource for upcoming races in the area. You can find their website at Runnerscorner.com.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Utah Valley Foot and Ankle

Several years ago I noticed that my feet would hurt whenever I'd play sports. After a while I decided to see a professional about them so I went to Utah Valley Foot and Ankle clinic and saw Dr.Clegg.

Dr. Jared Clegg, DPM is the founder of the Utah Valley Foot and Ankle clinic. He specializes in foot and ankle care and surgery. He also has advanced training for high risk diabetic and geriatric foot care. He is the president of the foot and ankle physicians of Utah Valley.

Dr. Clegg offers a variety of services including care for ingrown toenails, foot pain, bunion, calluses, plantar warts, sprains and fractures. He is also an experienced foot surgeon, although he prefers to use more conservative treatments as opposed to surgery whenever possible.

He has helped me on several occasions after having sprains and other injuries as a result of running a marathon. He also helped me get a pair of customized orthotics which made a big difference.

Your feet do a lot of work and if yours currently aren't doing well, you should get in touch with his office. Dr. Clegg has been practicing in Utah Valley for 12 years now and has offices in both Provo and Payson. You can see his website at Utah Valley Foot & Ankle.