Friday, February 22, 2013


I have to admit that I have a pathetic wardrobe. I pretty much wear the same jeans and tennis shoes every day with a different t-shirt. I'm that guy who everyone notices if they ever wear a new shirt to work since they are so accustomed to always seeing me in the same boring clothes. It's kind of how you would feel if you were watching Gilligan's Island and you saw Gilligan wearing anything other than his usual red shirt). Anyway, yesterday I had to wait 45 minutes before I could pick my kids up so I decided to spend it at the mall. 

I don't really like the mall. I hate trying to avoid the sales people at the kiosks in the hallways. I know there are some big anchor stores that do well, but I get depressed when I see many of the smaller companies that I know will just be out of business in a matter of months or years. I decided to see how much basketball shoes were so I swung by Foot Locker. What's up with that place? Not a pair of shoes under $85 in the whole store. Anyway, as I had a few final minutes to kill I decided to swing by Macys to imagine what it might be like if I had real clothes instead of my usual Gilligan outfits.

I was greeted a few times by different employees who were polite and helpful yet not pushy. After I told them what I was looking for, I was directed to some sales racks where clothes were being discounted 50-75% off. I know many stores use the mark up so you can mark down technique, so I was surprised to see some really nice shirts and sweaters for $20-25. I was informed of a sale they were running in addition to the usual discounted merchandise. I browsed for a while but then had to leave. 
I was so impressed with some of the prices that I decided to come back late that evening with my teenage daughter so she could help me keep from making some bad choices. The last time I paid attention to style people were wearing pink IZOD polos with popped collars so I can't be trusted. I ended up getting a new pair of Levis, a sweater, and three nice shirts for $92. The employees who helped me were very courteous and helpful. In a world where customer service is frequently lacking, it was nice to encounter competent and pleasant employees. I was impressed with my experience at Macys.

I will keep you updated the next time I update my wardrobe again in 2028.

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