Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am not a fan of going to the store, but Macey's makes grocery shopping easier and it's definitely on my list of preferred grocery stores. They are an Associated Foods store and have 11 locations along the Wasatch Front. They have deli, pharmacy, produce, meat, and bakery departments. I shop at their store because their prices are competitive and their staff is always friendly and helpful.

I feel I know their store layout pretty well, but the few times I have asked an employee where I could find a particular item, rather than simply tell me an isle number, they have stopped what they are doing and walk me over to where that item is sold. In contrast, it is often hard to find anyone to even ask a question to at some big box stores and when you do find someone, they are frequently annoyed that you are interrupting their work. I like the service attitude that Macey's employees consistently exhibit. 

Macey's also regularly gives back to the community. They are a big supporter of BYU athletics, Primary Childrens, and are consistently contribute to Community Action Food Services. They have a great selection of canning, food storage, and emergency preparedness products. I also like their case lot sales since I have a big family and we go through food fast, so buying it in bulk at a discount is always nice.

This might show my maturity level, but my favorite things about Macey's is their famous Kong Cone. It is a huge soft serve ice cream cone that is filled to capacity, they then they serve it in a large cup that is also full of ice cream. It's the best deal in town.

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  1. Macey's...good for three things:
    *Food deals
    *Discount Movie tickets
    *Soft serve ice cream...for CHEAP!!

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