Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heritage Prints

Provo Tabernacle
Heritage Prints is a new company that features artwork based on architecture. The company's initial works highlight L.D.S. temples and buildings from the early pioneer era.

Clayton Vance is the founder of Heritage Prints. He is a man of many talents. He studied architecture at Notre Dame and has combined his love of architecture with art. He uses a technique called "architectural wash rendering" which consists of hand drafting a building, then applying water colors, and finally antiquing the work to create a unique look. This process produces an aged appearance and gives character to each piece.

I think an art business that focuses on architecture is a great idea. Since Heritage Prints is a fairly new venture, there are many pieces of art in the works that will be released soon. You can see which temples, tabernacles, and other buildings are already available and which ones will be released soon at his site at

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  1. While the Tabernacle may not have been one of the great businesses in Utah, it has more than its fair share of religious history. I hope they can rebuild it swiftly. So sad it burned like that.