Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Orem Fitness Center

There are many fitness facilities to choose from in Utah County. Some of these gyms specialize in and emphasize CrossFit, MMA, body building, or martial arts. Today I'd like to feature one that is a pretty standard gym, but at the same time, it offers more activities than any other fitness facility I know of. I'm talking about the Orem City Fitness Center.

The Orem fitness center is a great deal for families for a couple reasons. One is the competitive price. An entire family can have an annual pass for around $320 per year. The other thing I really like about the recreation center is the variety. Their facility offers swimming, basketball, weight lifting, racquetball, a gun range, aerobics, indoor track, treadmills, exercise bikes, and they also offer a variety of classes like martial arts, dance, and even boy scout merit badges.

If you are a hard core fitness enthusiast, there are definitely nicer facilities and gyms that offer a more intense style of training and environment, especially if you are serious about weight training and conditioning. You won't find any professional bodybuilders training at the rec center, but the weight room is adequate for most people. Their basketball courts and swimming pool are the biggest draw for me and my family. The basketball at the rec is pretty good and I regularly play with guys who come from all over the county to play pick up games there.

I've seen other city fitness facilities and community centers that can't hold a candle to what Orem offers. I really like the fact that a family of all ages can all find different activities to do when they go to the rec center.

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