Friday, November 11, 2011

Jiffy Lube

Despite being a manly man, I'm not the kind of guy who changes his own oil. Instead I rely on Jiffy Lube to take care of that for me. I know they are a big chain so I can't vouch for all their locations, but I have always had good experiences at their Provo and Orem locations.

The only thing I dislike about going there is that I know there will come a point during the process when I am asked to come back to the computer and verify the services that will be done. This is also known as the "add on" sales attempt. I will be shown my old air filters and will be shown how frequently certain services are recommended. Most of the time I have to make some excuse about how I will take care of that next time and I usually end up feeling like a neglectful car owner or a penny pincher.

I don't usually mind their sales process and have grown to expect it, but yesterday when I was having my oil changed, an enthusiast employee was really excited about their oil upgrades. He told me about a new synthetic oil made by Penzoil that is the only oil that Ferrari recommends for it's cars. I can see how if I owned a Ferrari, this might be relevant, but I'm driving an 11 year old Ford Taurus and the oil upgrade would be an additional $80 and I am used to paying $35 for the entire service. Maybe I looked like Mr. money bags to him. I'll chose to take it as a compliment.

I don't fault Jiffy Lube for making recommendations and offering upgrades, but I sometimes tire of having to say no to all of their add offers each time I get my oil changed. Despite this, I still think they do a good job and will continue to go there for my oil changes.

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